Abandoning Everything Else

by Glass City

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Recorded at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh, 06 & 07 February 2016.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stephen Foster.


released February 22, 2016

Bass - Marc
Guitars - Mike
Drums - Euan
Vocals/Lyrics - Chris



all rights reserved


Glass City Edinburgh, UK

Ambient post-hardcore from Edinburgh, UK.

Twitter @glasscitynoise

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Track Name: Pianos
I didn't see the mountains,
just the sky that fell upon them
I knew my place at the bottom
and I held the water up, for you

These floodgates were built on the fuel from the past

I couldn't keep my distance, anchored by deliverance
and you still swam, but in my shadow
for some distraction
for the convenience

These floodgates were built by the fury of the past

Like I'm giving all I forget to give
like I'm waiting here for you to forgive...

But then my worry, turned to anger, how could I be so sorry for nothing?

For nothing....
Track Name: Old Youth
The lights are on, but the room is empty,
and if it wasn’t for the scent of memory,
you’d turn them off, and hold your breath
for the next step towards an idea,
spiteful to yesterday

The principles are tired, an aging slave to your own view,
separate yourself from your own detriment
and find yourself in bloom

Hushed tones when you say what you really mean,
useless intentions to keep yourself clean,
veering between safety and the prize,
you’ll have neither until you realise

The principles are tired, an aging slave to your own view,
sacrificing worth to have some upper hand
if it all falls through

Don’t spend your days wide of the mark
Track Name: Hold Fire / Blow Smoke
Blurred out by lucid expectation
so fervent that you forgot to live up to your own

Cherishing pocket-sized ideas,
losing self to nothing important,
hiding behind loose teeth,
and taking your truth to bed for a midnight lease

Somewhere’s always waiting,
someone’s always weighing you up conditionally,
like there’s no fire in hesitation

In the shadow of loss,
you’re wrapped up in forgotten words.
No care for progress, while the nonsense keeps,
you only find peace to sail in your sleep

Somewhere’s always waiting,
someone’s always weighing you down from the outside in,
where there’s a fire in hesitation

Exhale, don’t breathe back in
before it’s too soon

This isn’t apathy, but there is a density so heavy.
When you’re easily removed, you’re easily removing yourself
So exhale, so exhale…

And hold your own.
And wear your smoke.
Track Name: Overcome
Something has to change when rhetoric owns you
like a well versed patient
trapped inside six panes of glass

Where your eyes are haunted by dirt cheap sadness
they can see you, but they can’t help you

So something has to change
and control it has your name,
and thoughts like these weren’t built to last
Keep raining on until you rein it in

And wear yourself well
not like a memory dying in her definition

Convinced it will never end

Let it come, let it go
Let it come to let it go, let it go

It’s gone as soon as you can admit it
it’s gone as soon as you let it...GO!

To not be consumed by the loyalty of another
Track Name: Moments
Tempered by dusk, permanently tempted
by visions of love, to keep my gaze set west

Light and warmth, for truth and company
when reality sinks, and the curtains lift
the rippling horses, the skipping stones
the winter burns, all marks I will never shift

All marks I will never shift...

And when you really want to exist
it becomes your biggest burden,
searching for moments
armed with arrows of sentiment
but will they ever reach their target?

And do you really want it all
before you’ve even got a hold…