by Glass City

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Recorded at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh on 26/27 November 2016.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stephen Foster of
Album artwork by Zeromirror Photo (IG: zeromirrorphoto)


released March 19, 2017

All songs by Glass City, which comprises:
Guitars/Piano - Mike
Bass - Marc
Drums - Euan
Vocals/Lyrics/Piano - Chris



all rights reserved


Glass City Edinburgh, UK

Ambient post-hardcore from Edinburgh, UK.

Twitter @glasscitynoise

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Track Name: Regress
Expel the light, and drown in the hum,
with all senses numb,
this new day isn't new,
whichever way it gets dressed up

Disquiet on the horizon from a shallow land,
our eyes are haunted, forever haunted

They married us to the dark,
and jumped into a pool of sharks,
just to see what could happen

Was it a momentary lapse
or the giving of ancient cracks
all motion directed back towards an end

We feel that all is lost, and these days it truly is
Were all those years we dreamt for nothing?
Track Name: Shackled To The Swell
This weathered skin holds tethered sin

Adapting is not a means,
engagement drowned out
by the volume of their needs
from the bottom of the pack
to the top and back again,
and no lessons learnt on the way

The weakest thought pulled the rope taut

Catharsis is a dream
that's falling further
as the layers pull from their seams,
and the revelation of all we've hidden or denied
casts a shadow over all
we've hoped to achieve

All growth in vein
All words are stained
Purposeful abstain
for when the swell gives way...

Our fear and our doubt will remain
Track Name: Wildlife
A farewell to the city,
I can already feel the air all around me,
dancing on my face and giving rise
to something that was buried

Tainted by the grey,
but touched by the greenery,
Mother found my soul
locked away within her scenery,
and gave me permission to live
beyond an expiration date

I am free to roam,
and I owe nothing to anyone,
I am falling in love with being alone,
it's like I was meant to be...
Track Name: Projector
An illusion of circles,
with pain to sell,
like a story driven to wind me,
where all else pales
to fractured living

Oppressive breathing down my neck
for ill conceived thoughts of betterment

It was never your fault
The cloud was never your own
Your belief was born in blame
and never again will it be in my name
Track Name: Paradox Dept.
So when there's not enough here
to account for all the time,
but placid colours within vapid lines

Auto-pilot, middling riot,
no choice in the matter
as if there ever was a chance

All jaded, and tied up to an ideal set up to let you down when they want it to

How could you be so uninspired to lift the lid on the contradiction?
How could you trip on the same old wire?
Track Name: Natural Course
Faint music to your ears,
pale colours familiar for years,
no tales we hadn't heard
they brought laughter all the same
even when the context had disappeared

With a glint in your eye that no light could cast,
we all shone a little brighter, even when time had passed
In a room with stained glass that never grew on you,
but it was a home that you fought to get back to

And when the call came through,
I was asleep in dreams awash with something new,
then awake I never knew
how I should go about things the way I said I would

It didn't matter, we came together,
underneath a looming bigger picture,
completing a scene that you were always waiting for,
what you were always longing for...

Damn the circumstance that paid for your absence,
while the rest of us worry about the old man
behind your shadow, with the loneliest of thoughts

Lost in photographs, and their capture of warmth
against the cold reality of finality,
how this could not mean much more...

I'll remember you like this,
instead of the first glimpse of what is left
when strength can no longer persist

And when the wave comes through,
we can't forget the truth,
for the years the void was some of us letting go
of something that kept us in tune

We can only hope the faint music became crystal clear to you
Track Name: Une Triste Fin
Vivid imagery spreads across the ceiling,
with a silver screen gun pointed at my head.
wrapped in a pit where all wars are incomplete
and buried in distractions

I'll never find a way to make a distinction,
or a balance that keeps me here on this plane of existence,
and maybe that's for the best

The morning is a mirage
to ease an evening without a plan,
where all has stalled within my hands
After hours drinking and silence thicker than my will
it hasn't dawned on me for days

I'll never find a way to make a connection,
when the balance is favoured elsewhere on this plane of existence,
and maybe that's for the best

You can't rehearse your impact
like a character that you've seen
but still your tower is collapsing
under the weight of everything you think you have to be...

And in your makeshift hospital bed, every night,
All this repeats...